PO Box 535, West Sand Lake, NY 12196-0535
Meets 6:30 PM Mondays at the Lakeview Restaurant, Averill Park, NY

 President Stuart J. Nippes                                                                                 Treasurer Robert S. Pasquarelli

 President-Elect Jean Hamlin                                                                                      Secretary David E. Booker

 Vice President Janet C. Malecki                                                                                Webmaster David E. Booker

 Immediate Past President Linda L. Ellis                                                         Sandpiper Editor Margaret R. Weiss

                                                    Photographers James Rogers & Kevin Sarsfield

                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

         Joseph M. Behson, Craig Daniels, Patricia A. Lane

        John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

 John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple

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     The Weekly Membership Newsletter of the
President Stuart Nippes, presiding
      Greetings & Invocation by Lyndon Ellis



 WELCOME BACK: Bruce Perry                                                               John Mulligan







               Jamie Hanlon                                                          Joe Trupia                                                 







                                        and Frank Lewandusky


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after sandy




*      Dave Booker read an email from Bob Pasquarelli stating that they had been in an auto accident in South Carolina last weekend and that Joan was in ICU with 8 broken ribs and a fractured clavicle.  He did not know when they might be home.  Our prayers are with them for a speedy recovery.

*      The Division Council this Thursday has been cancelled due to illness.

*      John Brownrigg has investigated Amtrak schedules to the Toronto Convention, since there seemed to be little interest in the bus.  It’s a 9 hour train trip which would leave Albany on Wed at either 5:30 or 7:30 AM and return on Sunday either 7:15 or 9:30 PM.  Fare is $235 and payments would be due in April.

*      Concert Committee brief meeting after tonight’s meeting. 

*      Summerfest 2016 Committee will meet after next week’s meeting.


DOOR PRIZE,   provided by Pete, was won by Barb Fioravanti                             

50/50 for $20 was won by Kevin Sarsfield!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50, worth $215.50 this week, continued to hide that King of Clubs. 

           Frank Lewandusky’s ticket gave him the chance to pick a card, and he got the

           King….of Hearts



FEBRUARY 22                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  Pat Lane

                                               PROGRAM: Kamp Kiwanis

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  TBA


FEBRUARY 29                     PROGRAM CHAIR: John Brownrigg

                                              PROGRAM: Steven Hughes: Homeland Securith and Isis

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE PRESENTER: TBA


MARCH 7                             PROGRAM CHAIR:  Pat Lane

                                              PROGRAM:  Community Services Committee Update

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  Joe Behson


MARCH 14                           PROGRAM CHAIR: Ron Wagner

                                              PROGRAM: TBA

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR: Joe Behson


          DOORS OF HOPE, unloading food truck  

                 Mon Feb 22nd:  Davis, Malecki, Patton, Daniels


          AMERICIAN RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE at the Church of the Covenant, Thursday Feb 25th:

                 Set UP 12 -1 pm:  Davis

                 First Shift 1-3:30 pm: Canteen - Peg Weiss  Registration: Eve Ward

                 Second Shift 3:30 - 6 pm: Canteen - Craig Daniels  Registration - Linda Ellis

                 Take Down 6-7 pm: Nancy W. Davis


          43rd MONTHLY PASTA DINNER at the West Sand Lake Firehouse, Saturday, March 12th:

                  12 – 7, Setup & Cook:  L&L Ellis, Loveridge, Brownrigg

                  3 – 5:30, Setup & Serve: Hamlin, __________ & ________________

                  3:30 – 7, Cashiers:  Ward

                  5 – 7:30, Serve & Takedown:  Hamlin, ____________ & _______________



Bruce Perry
John Mulligan



 $     Pete Stevens:   My daughter has applied to several medical schools, and is anxiously awaiting some good news!

 $     John Mulligan:  I’ve missed a few meetings because of a job location, and then I got sick!

 $     Joe Behson:  I now have a contract for the sale of my house, and hope to close by the end of the month!

 $     Pat Lane:  Over 30 years ago when we were house hunting, we almost bought a house on Route 43 near the center of town. 

              Half of the cellar was a huge cistern for water collection!

 $     Jean Hamlin:  I got on the scale, and when I read it, I kicked the bitch in the corner and told her to apologize! 

             This crazy weather with its ups and downs of temperatures is Mother Nature going through menopause!

 $     Stu Nippes:  Thanks to Pete for a great program!  When I was down in Florida, I saw sand replacement being done on the Gulf


Peter program
50 50
Joe Trupia
Linda 4 years
He then presented Lyndon with his tab for 4 years of perfect attendance! 
Lyndon 4 years
 President Stu presented IPP Linda Ellis with her tab for 4 Years of perfect attendance!
Congratulations to both of you!


                 “Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”

                                                                                                                                                   Norman Vincent Peale


logn beach
Program Chair Pete Stevens presented an illustrated talk on the rebuilding of the New Jersey shoreline at Long Beach Island, where he has a house.  Long Beach Island is about 250 miles south of here, and is 18 miles long.  Barnegat Light, “Old Barney”, the #1 tourist attraction in New Jersey is located nearby.  Pete showed many pictures of the beach erosion after Hurricane Sandy a few years ago, including one of a destroyer which had blown aground.

Many large construction machines are in use to replace the tons of sand washed away, working day and night.  Extra high dunes are being built to protect the houses.  Huge stone jetties have been built out into the ocean to try to mitigate the destructive action of the waves.  New buildings are on stilts the size of telephone poles which are put in place with vibratory pile drivers.  Water is poured down them to liquefy the sand, and the vibrations sink the poles.  In good weather this space under the houses may be used as a garage, but must have “break away” walls, so storm surge can pass under without damaging the building.   Pete’s family has owned his house, which is about a block from the beach, for many years, and he showed some pictures of the way things were years ago.  Drinking water is piped in from the mainland.  During World War II dirigibles were used to track enemy submarines along the coast, and he remembers seeing 21 of these aircraft in one day!  Major hurricanes occurred in 1942 and 1962, but Sandy was the most destructive.  We thank you, Pete, for a most interesting presentation!



Video about the "Cards for Troops" project