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        John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

 John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple

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     The Weekly Membership Newsletter of the
President Stuart Nippes, presiding
      Greetings & Invocation by David Booker

GUESTS:  Eric Washbur, speaker



          DOORS OF HOPE, unloading food truck

                 Mon Feb 22nd:  Davis, Malecki, Patton, Daniels



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DOOR PRIZE, provided by Craig, was won by Barb Fioravanti - "Heavy bottle!"

                           Nancy Davis dropped off her IOU from last week - window washings for Pat Lane


50/50 for $16 was won by Peg Weiss!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50, worth $198 this week, with 44 cards, will keep growing.  Bob Loveridge’s ticket gave him the privilege of trying to draw the King of Clubs from the remaining 44 cards, and even though he let President Stu pick the card for him, it only produced the 9 of Diamonds!



FEBRUARY 15                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  Peter Stevens  --  Rebuilding the NJ Shoreline at Long Beach

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  Lyndon Ellis

FEBRUARY 22                     PROGRAM CHAIR: Ron Wagner - TBA

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE PRESENTER: TBA


FEBRUARY 29                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  John Brownrigg

                                              PROGRAM:  Steven Hughes, Homeland Security and Isis

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  TBA

MARCH 7                             PROGRAM CHAIR: Pat Lane: Youth Services Committee Update

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR: Joe Behson


                  “Volunteers are not paid because they are priceless.”         AP Fire Dept Bulletin Board


SL SENIORS LUNCHEON @ Church of the Covenant, Thursday Feb 11th:

            8:30 – 1:30, Pickup food:  Booker, Trupia

            9:30 – 1:30, Setup, serve:  Lane, Knapp, Mulligan, L&L Ellis, Ward

            11 – 1:30, serve, cleanup:  Hamlin, Weiss, Whipple, Daniels, Malecki


42nd MONTHLY PASTA DINNER @ WSL Firehouse, Saturday, February 13th:

            12 – 7, Setup & Cook:  L&L Ellis, Loveridge, Brownrigg

            3 – 5:30, Setup & Serve: Hamlin, Weiss, Lane

            3:30 – 7, Cashiers:  Ward

            5 – 7:30, Serve & Takedown:  Hamlin, Weiss, Lane


RENSSELAER INTERCLUB & DIVISION COUNCIL, Thurs Feb 18th, Senior Center, 6:30, $20:

            Pasquarelli, Lane, Loveridge, Hamlin, Weiss, Ward, Booker, Brownrigg

with gun
Craig Daniels introduced a friend known to many from the Center for the Arts, Eric Washburn.  Eric retired in March 2001 after serving 24 years as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The FBI was just a small branch of law enforcement until Herbert Hoover became its director.  It has jurisdiction over all federal crimes, employing 35,000 employees and 14,000 special agents.  Only 1 out of 10 applicants is accepted, must be between age 23 & 36 ½,

starting salary was $15,000/year, mandatory retirement age 75.  Eric served as an agent in Birmingham, New York City, and Albany.  He said not to believe TV stories; they solve all their cases in an hour!  He related several vignettes of his early days, including his running to arrest a suspected bank robber and because of the slippery soles of his new shoes, fell flat while ordering the man to surrender!  Fortunately, his companion agents completed the arrest.  Early agents were unarmed since they were not legally permitted to carry weapons until 1934, although many did carry their own guns.  At present the Government Issue weapon is a Glock.  Last year, to celebrate 50 years of being armed, Eric was able to purchase the anniversary issue, a 357 magnum revolver, which he displayed.  There are over 300 domestic laws to be enforced, but the #1 focus is now counter-terrorism, followed by counter-intelligence crimes.  David Booker thanked Eric for a fascinating program, and presented him with our Certificate of Appreciation.  {Sorry I couldn’t relate all the stories, but I was too busy listening! – Ed,}      


$     Eve Ward:  Last year my 11-year-old great-granddaughter was a speed skater in the Empire State Games until she broke her leg.  This year, again at the Games, she competed, and broke the other leg!

$     Joe Behson:  I visited my old neighbor Jim Colabelli following his knee surgery, and he is home doing well, after a short setback by a post-op infection.  He sent his thanks for the get well card we sent him!

$     Bob Loveridge:  Yesterday, as I was leaving Casey’s to go to a friend’s to watch the Superbowl game, I was asked if I wanted to get in their Superbowl pool.  And since there was only one opening on the game lottery, I bought it…………and WON $1000!

$     Craig Daniels:  I thank Eric for coming to do tonight’s program!

$     John Brownrigg:  I am retired, but I now have another job…. again!  Since I am also a member of the East Greenbush Kiwanis Club, I am announcing their fund raiser event, a Comedy Night on Saturday February 27th.  My 3rd dollar is for most of my “ladies” (bees) are flying since the temperature has been over 40.  Guess that won’t last long!

$     Stu Nippes:  I know I just came back from a week’s vacation in Florida, but I am happy to see a little snow coming down tonight!  It just seems normal!


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