PO Box 535, West Sand Lake, NY 12196-0535
Meets 6:30 PM Mondays at the Lakeview Restaurant, Averill Park, NY

 President Stuart J. Nippes                                                                                 Treasurer Robert S. Pasquarelli

 President-Elect Jean Hamlin                                                                                      Secretary David E. Booker

 Vice President Janet C. Malecki                                                                                Webmaster David E. Booker

 Immediate Past President Linda L. Ellis                                                         Sandpiper Editor Margaret R. Weiss

                                                    Photographers James Rogers & Kevin Sarsfield

                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS

         Joseph M. Behson, Craig Daniels, Patricia A. Lane

        John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

 John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple

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     The Weekly Membership Newsletter of the
President Stuart Nippes, presiding
      Greetings & Invocation by Michael Gates

GUESTS:  Mindy Fowler, Director of the Sand Lake Town Libruary - tonight's speaker and her husband Joe. Shown on right with Program Chair Nancy Davis.



            DOORS OF HOPE, unloading food truck

                        Fri, Feb 5th Patti, Patton, Wagner,Loveridge, Davis & Behson

                        Mon Feb 15th Wagner, Davis, _____, _____


            SL SENIORS ANNUAL LUNCHEON, Church of the Covenant, Thurs Feb 11th:

                        8:30 – 1:30, Pick up food:  Booker, Trupia

                        9:30 – 1:30, Setup, serve:  Lane, Knapp, Mulligan, Linda Ellis & Eve Ward

                        11 – 1:30, Serve, cleanup:  Hamlin, Weiss, Whipple & Daniels


            42nd MONTHLY PASTA DINNER @ WSL Firehouse, Saturday, February 15, 2016

                       12 – 7, Kitchen:  L&L Ellis, Loveridge, Brownrigg   

                        3 – 5:30, Setup & Serve: Hamlin, Weiss, Lane

                        3:30 – 7, Cashiers:  Ward

                        5 – 7:30, Serve & Takedown:  Hamlin, Weiss, Lane


            RENSSELAER INTERCLUB & DIVISION COUNCIL, Thur Feb 18th, 6:30, $20

               Pasquarelli, Lane, Loveridge, Hamlin, Weiss, Ward & Booker


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          Nancy Davis introduced Mindy Fowler, Director of the Sand Lake Town Library since 2008.  The Library’s first home was established in the 43 Mall in 1987.  Moving to larger quarters in the Sand Lake Town Hall allowed more items to be borrowed by community members.  Besides books, fiction and nonfiction, folks may check out recordings, games, language learning cassettes, tools, cookware, and one library even loans fishing poles! Audio cassettes are slowly being phased out in favor of books on CDs and books to load into Nooks, Kindles, etc.  There are still a few VCRs available.  Computers are available for use in the library, but are old.  Classes are provided for both children and adults on many various topics, and the library rooms provide meeting space for community groups, such as Girl Scouts.  The renovations now taking place are to upgrade the space and equipment, and are expected to cost about $20,000.  $15,000 is being raised by community donations, and a grant has been submitted for the rest.  New carpeting, ceilings, computers, and an updated circulation desk will bring our library into the 21st century!  We owe our gratitude to the many volunteers who have helped move things out of the way of the renovations.

In the meantime, follow the signs for the new entrance—we are still open!  Mike Gates thanked Mindy for her informative program, and presented her with our Certificate of Appreciation.


          President Stu presented John Brownrigg with the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Fellow award, consisting of a plaque, a lapel pin and patch, and placed the beautiful medal around his neck.  John has unselfishly given of his time and finances to many Kiwanis projects!  Congratulations, John!


FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS:  Present to celebrate thier February birthdays were (left to right below left) Peter Stevens, Barb

         Fioravanti, John Brownrigg, Eve Ward and (second picture) Janet Malecki.

          Absent but also celebrating a February birthday were Angelo Patti & Debra Roy.

    We sang to the celebrants, but rather poorly and off key.  Since Janet Malecki was left out the first time around, we were much better musically when we sang to her!  Eve’s luscious angel food cake with lemon and blueberry sauce was enjoyed by all.


FEBRUARY ANNIVERSARIES:  Mike & Shelley Gates  (picture above right)

 Video on left of the Birthdays and on the right Mike celebrating his anniversary.


$     Kevin Sarsfield:  We just celebrated my grandson’s FIRST birthday!  Kevin then presented some mathematically confusing comparisons to his own age—this year he is 1/68 my age BUT next year he'll only be 1/34.5!

$     Nancy Davis:  My thanks to Mindy for coming when I asked her!

$     Joe Behson:  I had a wonderful 6 days skiing at Mount Snow and hope to go back!

$     Barb Fioravanti:  Gene and I drove to North Carolina looking for a winter house, and we found one, in New Bern!  We are going through all the legal proceedings now.

$     Pat Lane:  Some of my favorite memories as a child were going to the library!  Thanks for your services, Mindy!

$     John Brownrigg:  I have 5 happy dollars!  First, my thanks for the KPTU Award.  I remember that duck race on the river!  My “girls” (bees) were flying yesterday, some of them anyway.  And, I’m going to get to cross off one of my bucket list items.  I’d been given a gift to attend the Orvis fly fishing classes, and was never able to find the time to go, but now that I’m really retired, I’m going!

$     Janet Malecki:  I loved the library as a child, too.  Thanks, Mindy!  I used to read Dr Seuss for hours at a time!

$     Stuart Nippes:  I had a great week’s vacation in Florida—45 mph winds before it got warm!  Went out on one brother’s boat, and it broke down!  Went out on my other brother’s bigger boat, and IT broke down!  I got a brand new cell phone—and I sold 3 houses!

$     Jean Hamlin:  I have a story this week, about Pat and Mike.  Pat was on his deathbed, and told Mike his final wish.  “Please buy a case of Irish whiskey, and pour it on my grave!”  Mike replied, “Sure I will, but do you mind if I pass it through me kidneys first?”

DOOR PRIZE, an IOU provided by Nancy Davis, was won by Pat Lane!

50/50 for $16 was won by Dave Booker!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50, worth $183.50 this week, with 45 cards.  Joe Behson had the right ticket number, but could only come up with the 9 of Clubs! 


FEBRUARY 8                       PROGRAM CHAIR:  Craig Daniels

                                                PROGRAM:  Eric Washburn, retired FBI agent

                                                GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  David Booker


FEBRUARY 15                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  Peter Stevens  --  TBA

                                                GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  Lyndon Ellis


FEBRUARY 22                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  John Brownrigg

                                                PROGRAM:  Steven Hughes, FBI Functions and Duties

                                                GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  TBA


            “The harder I work, the luckier I get!”                           Gary Player

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ROLL CALL:  Present:  Pres Nippes, Imm Past Pres Ellis, Pres-Elect Hamlin, Vice Pres Malecki,                                        Sec Booker, Treas Pasquarelli; Directors Behson, Daniels, Lane,                                                     Brownrigg, Loveridge, Ward, Weiss, Whipple

                         Absent:   Director Mulligan


SECRETARY’S MINUTES approved for filing

TREASURER’S REPORT – Balance as of January 31, 2016 - $29,173.34

                                                Summerfest Sponsorship requests should go out now.





Community Services (Loveridge/Ginther):

   Doors of Hope (Ginther):  8 members unloaded & stored 6467 lbs @ food pantry – 11 hrs.

   Community Signs (Whipple):  1 member – 1 hr – relettering to advertise Pasta Dinner

Interclub (Pasquarelli):  7 members attended Hoosick Falls Club and Division Council meeting.

Senior Services (Trupia):  2 members – 2 hours preparing for annual SL Seniors Luncheon Feb 11.

Social (Ward):  Get well cards sent to several members who were ill or having surgery; condolence card to family of former member.  Planning for Holiday Lunch at Brookside Senior Center on March 17th.

Sponsored Youth (Fioravanti/Mulligan/Ward/Nippes/Ellis, Linda):

   K-Kids:  no reports from any of the 3 clubs

   Builders Club:  SLK Advisor attended 3 meetings – 4 ½ hrs.

   Key Club:  SLK Advisor attended 2 meetings.  1 member proposed his plan for an internet site for the SLPs.  Sold Pulcera bracelets to support children in Guatemala; planned 2 trips to Ronald McDonald House to furnish meals.  2 faculty advisors & 2 Key Club members were guests of SLK at a meeting in January.

Ways & Means (Hamlin): 

    Pasta Dinner (Loveridge):  9 members prepared & served 32 dinners:  44 hrs; income $123.23.

    Citrus Sales (Gates):  $94.10 refund for spoiled fruit received from RiverBrite Groves.

Young Children Priority #1 (Loveridge):  Donation of $1800 to Albany Med Children’s’ Hospital, collected from Bells of Life campaign.


OLD BUSINESS – Previously tabled:

1.      Food Trailer Design Contest:  no action; decals promised

2.      Poster for Membership Recruitment




1.     Tent request from St Henry’s Church approved.  Bob Pasquarelli is responsible Kiwanian.

2.    Payment approved for Dissipated Eight concert in April (23rd?) at APHS:  $500 stipend, $50 for advertising, $50 for custodian.

3.    $300 approved for WSL Elementary School’s annual carnival.

4.    $100 approved for full page ad for Key Club Division 18.

5.    $75 approved for KPTU Fellow Award.

6.    Admin Fund declining due to members not eating (not paying for) meals.  Referred to House Committee.

7.    Bells of Life sales by SL businesses need Certificates of Appreciation.  Done and signed by Pres Stu.

8.    New Fund Raiser Idea proposed by Pres Stu:  Spring Concert with name band at APHS, warm up by HS Jazz Band.  Need well known band to draw people.  6:30 – 10 with inter-mission and refreshments.  Budget estimate about $4000.  Any profits split with HS Band and Drama Club.  Admission $20/pp.  Advertise Kiwanis/educational materials.  Possibly in May?  Planning committee:  Stu, Bob L, Janet, Jean, Joe B.



          Next Division Council Meeting is in Rensselaer on Thursday, February 18th.  Elections for Division Officers will be held at the next meeting on March 16th.



          Mid Year Conference Feb 19-21; hotel registration went up today; District registration goes up on Friday.



            On line registration for Toronto Convention in June is open; hotel registration opens on line later this month.



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