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                                                          The Weekly membership newsletter of the

Kiwanis Club of Sand Lake, NY


P. O. Box 535, West Sand Lake, NY 12196


Meets 6:30 PM Mondays at The Lakeview Inn Restaurant

                                    President Stuart J. Nippes                                                                                 Treasurer Robert S. Pasquarelli

                                    President-Elect Jean Hamlin                                                                                      Secretary David E. Booker

                                    Vice President Janet C. Malecki                                                                                Webmaster David E. Booker

                                    Immediate Past President Linda L. Ellis                                                         Sandpiper Editor Margaret R. Weiss

                                                                                       Photographers James Rogers & Kevin Sarsfield


                                                                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                                   Joseph M. Behson, Craig Daniels, Patricia A. Lane

                                                                                   John B. Mulligan, Eve M. Ward, Margaret R. Weiss

                                                                             John C. Brownrigg, Robert R. Loveridge, William M. Whipple


                                            MEETING OF JANUARY 18, 2016

                                                             President Elect Jean Hamlin, presiding

                                                                                  Greetings & Invocation by Bryce Ginther

 Key Club

GUESTS:  From the Averill Park High School Key Club: faculty advisors Jeff Brown and Veronica Gaboury, and Key Club students Zoe Wilson and Schuyler Leveroni.  And K Kid Katerina Gaboury!



            DOORS OF HOPE, unloading food truck

                        Fri, Feb 5th:  Patti, Patton, Wagner,Loveridge, _____, _____

                        Mon Feb 15th:  Wagner, _____, _____, _____


            SL SENIORS ANNUAL LUNCHEON, Church of the Covenant, Thurs Feb 11th:

                        8:30 – 1:30, Pick up food:  Booker, Trupia

                        9:30 – 1:30, Setup, serve:  Lane, Knapp, Mulligan, Linda Ellis & Eve Ward

                        11 – 1:30, Serve, cleanup:  Hamlin, Weiss


            42nd MONTHLY PASTA DINNER @ WSL Firehouse, Saturday, February 15, 2016

                       12 – 7, Kitchen:  L&L Ellis, Loveridge, Brownrigg   

                        3 – 5:30, Setup & Serve: Hamlin, Weiss, Lane

                        3:30 – 7, Cashiers:  Ward

                        5 – 7:30, Serve & Takedown:  Hamlin, Weiss, Lane


            RENSSELAER INTERCLUB & DIVISION COUNCIL, Thur Feb 18th, 6:30, $20

               Pasquarelli, Lane, Loveridge, Hamlin, Weiss, Ward & Booker



PRESENTATION: President Elect Jean presented Bob Pasquarelli his pin tab for 35 years of perfect attendance!
peck on cheek

         When someone commented on the peck on the cheek Bob replied "I was a sailor before I was a deacon."



David Booker, filling in for Senior Services Chair Joe Trupia, outlined the activities of this committee.  Kiwanis’ purpose is to serve the children of the world, but we also serve the seniors!  Some of the projects we have done for the residents of Brookside Park are erecting a flag pole, (just recently an all night light has been provided for it by another donor), purchasing bridge tables, providing Medicare Part D counseling, assisted residents with packing/unpacking, moving in/out during renovations to the apartments, and providing a computer for their use in the Community Room.  The Club will serve a Valentine’s Day Luncheon at the Sand Lake Seniors’ regular meeting at the Church of the Covenant on Thursday, February 11th, and Eve Ward will be providing a St Patrick’s Day Holiday Luncheon at the Brookside Community Room on March 17th.



$     Pat Lane:  Eve and I saw the show Cinderella at Proctor’s, and it was wonderful!  I also attended the Hoosick Falls Club’s Baby Shower last week, where they collected lots of newborn sized clothes.  This is our Governor’s First Ladys major project, and each club should participate.  Too many infants go home from the hospital in old or used clothes.

$     Skip Patton:  Once again this weekend I had a great day cross country skiing in Vermont, and also had another pleasant visit to the Brew Pub in Bennington!

$     John Mulligan:  I finally got some Key Club people to come to our meeting!

$     Joe Grillo:  Some good friends (kiwanians) visited, and removed a 55 foot tree which was leaning on the house!

$     Jean Hamlin:  Thanks for being so nice to me up here, and overlooking my mistakes!

          Once again, we were 1 member short eating dinner, so a takeouts was sold to Peg.

DOOR PRIZE, provided by David, was won by Veronica Gaboury!

50/50 for $17 was won by Pat Lane!

PROGRESSIVE 50/50, worth $161.50 tonight, provided some excitement when John Brownrigg picked the King of Spades from the 46 remaining cards.  It was a king, and it was a black king, but it wasn’t the King of CLUBS, so the pot will grow some more!

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FEBRUARY 1                       PROGRAM CHAIR: Nancy Davis   

                                              PROGRAM:  Mindy Fowler, Director Sand Lake Town Library

                                               GREETER/INVOCATOR:  Mike Gates 

                                              BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING


FEBRUARY 8                       PROGRAM CHAIR:  Craig Daniels

                                              PROGRAM:  Eric Washburn, Retired FBI agent

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  David Booker 


FEBRUARY 15                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  Peter Stevens 

                                              PROGRAM  TBA

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  Lyndon Ellis


FEBRUARY 22                     PROGRAM CHAIR:  John Brownrigg 

                                              PROGRAM  Steven Hughes: FBI - Home Land Security

                                              GREETER/INVOCATOR/CERTIFICATE:  To Be Arranged



      In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”                                                                                                                              Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.


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